If you watch kids getting off a school bus after it snowed outside, you might notice an interesting phenomenon.

Some children choose to avoid the snow, the obstacle in their paths.

They step over it or around it.

They miss out on the fun and the joy of the snow.

Others take the obstacle head on.

They walk directly into the snow, often dancing and gallivanting joyously as they do so.

Sure, their shoes and pants might get a little bit wet (much to the dismay of their parents), but in the end, they turned an obstacle into an opportunity.

Obstacles are present in all aspects of our lives.

We are constantly faced with the choice of whether to walk through the snow, joyously engaged in the present, or to simply get around it, maybe staying dry, but ultimately missing out.

The problem is the same regardless.

It's how we approach it that ultimately determines the outcome.

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