When Your Plans Go Up in Flames...

...the important thing is that you don't go with them.

Sure, it might suck in the moment, but one of the best parts about plans is that you can change them whenever it helps you to achieve your mission.

The process of creatively updating your plans, struggling to find solutions to unforeseen problems, and dancing with the uncertainty that results may, in fact, prove more valuable than had you succeeded in the first place!

On a more personal note, I'm proud to announce that I will be joining Babson College's Centennial Class of 2019 as a Presidential Scholar to help further my mission of improving people's lives through technology entrepreneurship and unconventional problem-solving.

As long-time readers will already know, attending Babson has been a goal of mine since 2010, and even though I didn't accomplish my goal of winning the Weissman Scholarship (a full-tuition scholarship with bonus seed money to help me accomplish my mission through entrepreneurial ventures), I know that the next four years will be filled with ample opportunity to better myself and to work toward building the world I want to see.

When I visited Babson this past weekend, it became clear to me that the community of current and incoming students is even more incredible than I could have possibly imagined, and there's nowhere I'd rather spend the next four years of my life than working right alongside them.

As for my current projects, everything is very much up in the air at this point. My primary objective now needs to shift to paying for college so I don't find myself hampered by student loans that will inhibit my ability to pursue opportunities to achieve my mission in the future.

Special thanks goes out to my family for their love and support, my business partner Darren Olander for giving me a shot all those years back, the awesome John Capecelatro for guiding me through the scholarship process, my accounting teacher Mrs. Kownurko for her help preparing me for this opportunity (more on that in a future post!), and, of course, you.

I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for your support. Thank you so, so much for being a part of this journey and for allowing me to be a part of yours. No matter what happens, I won't let you down.

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