The Muscle Theory of Success

How does one become stronger?

In the physical sense, one becomes stronger by working himself to the brink, by pushing himself, by moving outside his comfort zone.

If you've ever experienced that burning sensation while exercising, what you actually felt was your muscles beginning to tear ever-so-slightly.

Then, over the next few days, your muscles repaired those tears. This is what made them stronger.

In a sense, your muscles tearing is actually your muscles experiencing failure. And then, when your muscles recover from that failure, they are stronger than they were before.

The interesting thing is that this process of increasing one's physical strength is exactly the same as the process for increasing one's mental strength.

When we encounter failure, we tend to shut down, give up, and blame external factors.

However, if we do not make excuses, if we do not blame others, if we do not give up, our failures aren't really failures at all.

They're opportunities.

Failure is inevitable.

You will fail.

However, it is when we take the time to step back and analyze the reasons for our failures, and then learn from these mistakes, that failure is not failure at all.

Rather, failure is just another step toward success.

You will fail. That's a fact. But, it's how you respond to your failures that will determine your success or failure in the end.

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