Stop Saying You're Grateful

Do me a favor.

Do the world a favor.

Stop saying that you're grateful.

That's easy to do.

Stop saying it; start showing it.

Saying that you're grateful is easy.

It requires no work. No pressure. No change.

Showing that you're grateful is difficult.

It's putting yourself out there. Doing work that matters. Making the world a better place.

If someone gives you a new outlook on life, teaches you a new skill, or provides you with a new set of tools to understand and interact with the world around you, the least you can do is say "thank you."

But why would you ever be content doing the least you can do?

Use that new outlook, use that new skill, use those new tools to make a difference in the world.

Making a difference in the world is the best way to thank someone for making a difference in yours.

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